Stiles Stilinski: Dancing with the devil {Klaus & Stiles} 


“Let me go!” Stiles grumbled, getting dragged into Klaus’s house by two of his Hybrids. They ignored him, and his attempts to get away. The teenager dug his heels into the ground, making it harder on them to drag him deeper into the originals home.”Bad dogs! No more kibbles and bites for you.” He…

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Ok so I’ve decided to become a multifandom blog! I hope you guys don’t mind :) I will be posting teen wolf and the vampire diaries! If you don’t want the vampire diaries to be on your dash just blacklist ‘tvd’ :)

for everyone that we’ve all lost, everyone that this town has lost

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They are like a family…

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Don’t eat me!


Don’t eat me!

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no one loves the teen wolf cast more than the teen wolf cast

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